DIY and tricks’s you can do at Home to Save Energy

DIY’s can be really fun to do and really useful as well. In this post you will learn about diy’s you can do that will save you money and energy!

  1. DIY Landry Drying Racks: This overall will cost you 20$ or less. Better than paying bills every month or so. These racks are a great way to save energy. Tho it will take longer to dry and more effort it is a good way. If you want to make your own click this link  DIY Laundry Racks
  2. DIY Frosted Windows: This will cost you depending on your window if you get the cool frosted contact paper it will be around 2.50$ per square foot but using window film is better and only 1.20$ per square foot. Great things about this diy are it gives your door windows more privacy, help keep a room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you want to make this on your own click this link DIY Frosted Windows
  3. DIY Rain Barrel: This diy seems easy and it is . Basically you need a barrel that tales the water coming down from your roof. So you save around 1,300 gallons of water during rainy seasons. If you want to make this click this link DIY Rain Barrel
  4. DIY Air Conditioner: This last DIY only costs around 30$, and only uses 54 watts of electricity. For a detailed video click this link DIY Air Conditioner

The DIYs were found from this website check it out for all the DIY Links.Fun and Useful Energy Saving Projects

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